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Forensic and Investigative Accounting

Matrimonial Consulting 

We specialize in the financial aspects of divorce and have assisted attorneys as consultants and experts in the valuation of intangible assets of closely held businesses, negotiations, and mediation. We have testified in numerous divorce cases and have served as court-appointed experts.

Economic Damages Calculations

Brisbane Consulting Group has considerable experience in cases that require a calculation of the monetary loss as a result of a breach of contract, wrongful death, personal injury, embezzlement, and bankruptcy. Brisbane Consulting Group also has experience with several insurance related cases to determine the lost earnings for business interruption insurance purposes.

Fraud and Embezzlement Calculations

As CPAs, CFFs, and CFEs trained and experienced in investigative accounting, we are often engaged to uncover hidden assets, unreported income or overstated expenses, and other misstatements involving the financial disclosures of an individual or business entity. We have also been engaged to investigate the potential for financial fraud or quantify the monetary damages for prosecution and insurance recovery purposes.


A business bankruptcy is highly regulated and can be contentious, that is why a valuation report is an essential component of the process.  From the initial bankruptcy filing through the eventual emergence, valuation plays a critical role in multiple scenarios. The process of completing the report involves careful analysis of the debtor company, considering several factors, Brisbane Consulting Group will provide the necessary support.

Trial (Expert Witness Testimony)

Success at trial requires substantial preparation, enhanced visual aids and excellent expert testimony. Our trial services extend beyond the trial date and include case strategy, discovery, and preparation of questions for use at depositions and trial. We have been qualified and have rendered expert testimony across several counties of the New York State Supreme Court and Federal Court.

Litigation Support

We can assist in the settlement of financial issues and negotiate with IRS agents or opposing experts. In addition, we have been court appointed as accounting, economic and valuation experts and have served the judiciary as a receiver for troubled companies.

Business Interruption

We have been engaged in several insurance-related cases to determine the lost earnings for business interruption insurance purposes. Business interruption claims can become more difficult and even contentious in circumstances where differences of interpretation emerge. Our strength at Brisbane Consulting Group is to report a reasonable, credible, defensible, and well-supported valuation.

Services Leaders

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William P. Allen, CPA/ABV, CFE

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